Gemma’s Diary - Tummy Bug Time

Gemma’s Diary - Tummy Bug Time

Monday 28th September 2020


I’m going to keep this short and sweet today.


I got a tummy bug over the weekend. Ugh. I’ve not felt that awful in years, and it really makes you rethink the having more kids thing. How do people with more than one kid do morning sickness?! The low point was chucking a handful of smarties in the vague direction of the kitchen for Tommy as I was throwing up into the toilet. I just needed him to. Leave. Me. Alone. So, chocolates (for him), and screen time (for both of us) it was, until I could stop heaving my guts up. 

Grizzli bear gemma’s diary mum being sick into a toilet throwing chocolates for her toddler to eat off the kitchen floor

Don’t judge me!


PS - pelvic floor muscles are not what they once were...
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