It’s half term! Oh wait...

It’s half term! Oh wait...

Gemma at half term parenting at home
So, apparently it’s half term. I know that means a lot for parents of school-age kids, but for me it means absolutely nothing has changed. Except everywhere we normally go is busier and therefore we’re avoiding our usual haunts. Playground? Nope, not when all the 13year olds are hanging out twisting all the swings up in knots. The woods? Na-ah. SO many people everywhere.
How about a museum? Have you tried taking a one year old to a museum, when all the toddler-friendly bits are closed?! Even with less people around it’s total mayhem, and I ain’t getting on no tube! 

So, this half term we have mainly been staying inside, going slowly mad. It turns out hubby is on the phone a lot this week too, which makes life in our teeny flat quite trying at times....especially when I try to get some peace and stick Bing or Peppa Pig on. It’s like having earphones on but with something completely different being piped into each ear! By lunchtime I think my head may explode. 

This morning, I looked at the clock (I know I shouldn’t, time always goes slowly at the moment and the stupid clock hands only seem to move on 1 minute every time I look), and by 9.07am, we had played with play doh, done one complete change of clothes already thanks to a spectacular Weetabix fail at breakfast, done his shape sorter toy 23 times, read We’re Going on a Bear Hunt I don’t know how many times, done a load of washing, stepped outside in the rain and come back in again, rolled a ball back and forth across the lounge floor, and watched 5 episodes of good old Peppa and George Pig.


But I do have one thing those parents of older kids don’t - NAPTIME!!!

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