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So...this was terrifying

Just gunna show you this pic.

Ye, so I walked into the bathroom and this is where I found Tommy. I still have absolutely no idea how he got up there! Most terrifying moment of my life as a mum so far. 

He’s on the move so much now, he gets into everything, and anything, and climbs like some kind of monkey but only when I don’t seem to be looking! Maybe he can fly!? Any one else’s kid like some kind of Houdini??? How do they get onto worktops, into bathroom sinks, along the back edge of the sofa? And whenever I put him down now he crawls away so fast, but just in any direction like he just doesn’t care where he’s going. His little arms and legs seems to just be working like a machine by themselves. It’s very sweet, but I wish he’d just stay still! Why do we ever encourage the, to roll over, to crawl? He’s not even walking yet, just standing pretty unsteadily (which is why the sink incident was insane!), but  imagine what it’ll be like once he can walk and run!!

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