Believe Forward - wait, what does that even mean??

Believe Forward - wait, what does that even mean??

I love listening to podcasts, and I was listening to Pardon the Mess (with the amazing Cynthia Yanof) the other day, and she was talking to Sally Clarkson about her new book, and they were suddenly talking about ‘believing forward’ and I had to rewind and really listen again, you know?

"everyone has been through some pretty harsh storms over the last year or so...storms are like training grounds, and God is with you through them."

Cynthia and Sally were saying that everyone has been through some pretty harsh storms over the last year or so, that storms are like training grounds, and that God is with you through them. When Jesus and the disciples were in the boat in the storm, and they woke Him up thinking they were going to drown, Jesus didn’t wake up and say ‘oh I’m sorry for the storm that you’re in right now’ he said ‘where is your faith?!’

God doesn’t leave us alone in those storms, He is with us, He is loving, He is compassionate, and He is growing us. When your kids go through a storm, you are with them, just like God is with you. And you watch your kids weather those storms, you guide them, you help them through them, and watch them emerge the other side even stronger and somehow grown from what they were before the storm. They are changed by them, grown by them, and that is what believing forward is about.

It is believing in what God is going to do through those storms, through those hard times. Believe that He has something good for you, that He is teaching you, that He is in control, that He knows what is going on in your heart, in your child’s heart.

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So, as we can believe forward, we can SPEAK forward too, to our kids, into their lives. Speak forward into what they are becoming - you dealt with that situation so well, you’re becoming so wise. Or hey dude, I saw what happened, are you ok? Let’s pray about it and ask God for help, He will help you to grow, and make you so wise through this.
You are so kind, I saw what you did there, and I thank God that He has made you so thoughtful. You are so strong, well done for that, I knew you could do it, God has you.

Believing forward gives us hope for today, when we are in a storm, or watching our kids go through a storm, but it also reminds us to trust God with our future, and with the future of the most precious things He has given us on this earth - our kids.


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I'd absolutely love to hear whether this has encouraged you, and please please share other things that encourage you to turn to Christ when everything just seems to be falling apart. You can comment on the post below.

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