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Busy Bags for Children

Have you heard of 'busy bags'?

In trying to find the best way to describe my pouches on my website, Instagram, Pinterest etc, I've come across this term again and realised I'd totally forgotten about it!

Busy bags are pretty easy to explain really. They are normally zip pouches which contain things to keep kids busy! The problem I find is that all the pouches are plastic, really ugly and definitely not eco-friendly. So this is where Grizzli Bear comes into it. (The picture below is a very typical one if you search for busy bags on Pinterest - looks like fun yes? Just a shame they're all plastic bags.)

Plastic busy bags

Why have a plastic busy bag when you could go earth-friendly and have an organic cotton one? And even better still, a personalised one!

There are so many ideas about what you can put inside them, just stick 'busy bags' into Pinterest and off you go. They range from felt toy pizzas, to clothes pegs activities for fine motor skill practise; colour-matching games to needle and thread type things with beads for toddlers (not actually sharp needles - just so you know!). There are so many ideas for things you can put inside the bags, but I am here to tell you about the bags themselves! 

Busy bags for kids tangram

Since my kids are no longer in nappies, I don't need to take nappies and wipes everywhere I go, and the Clean Clothes pouch mostly stays at home too, apart from the one in Teddy's nursery bag. Now I mostly have a 'toy' pouch in my bag, full of things to entertain them on the bus in case of traffic, or in the doctor's waiting room. Or so I can sit and have a hot cup of coffee in an actual café with other real grown-ups while the kids colour-in, read books and play with their toy dinosaurs and cars (yes I have boys, and they are stereotypical boys - no princesses and tiaras around here!).

Most of the friends I made when my kids were babies have outgrown their nappy pouches too, and have ordered personalised zip pouches from me for their kids and for the seemingly-unending birthday parties they get invited to now their kids are in school. There are lots of kids around Crouch End with custom Grizzli Bear pouches that are basically 'busy bags'! 

Personalised busy bag lego

I let Archie design his own pouch last year and it is super cute (it's this one ☝️). He drew a strawberry, and insisted on writing Teddy's name as well as his own, even though it was just for him. It's made out of a sample pouch I had which is smaller than my normal pouches, so I'm going to make him a new one to pack all his toys into (mostly Pokémon related at the moment), and Teddy needs his own too. I'll let them choose the colours and what pictures they'd like on them, but I totally understand that you might want to let your little one design their own too! That's why I'm introducing a design-your-own-busy-bag feature.

Personalised rainbow busy bag

Let your kid design their own busy bag!

It is what it says on the tin. You order the pouch on the website, then I contact you and we go through exactly what you or your child would like on their very own busy bag pouch. They can draw a picture for it and write their own names or whatever they want, and choose colours etc too. The possibilities are endless! Click on the link here to go to the personalised busy bag product and get designing!

Keep an eye on the blog and Instagram for Archie and Teddy's new busy bags, and lots of different ideas of what to pack in them. 

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