Decorating a cotton crown with iron on vinyl

Decorating a cotton crown with iron on vinyl

Well, that title says it like it is doesn’t it?!


This week, I’ve been experimenting with crowns. Christmas 2020 was the year of the reusable crown for me at Grizzli Bear, and I really wanted to carry on the cotton crown throughout the year too. I have so many plans for birthday crowns, custom crowns, dressing up crowns, all sorts. But I really wanted to give you guys the chance to make your own. So, the crown workshop is here!


Crown workshop


I had a little test with a friend and her kiddos, and it was so much fun. I packed up some iron on vinyl into a cute Kraft box, and made them each a plain, cotton crown with cotton ties. The kids were 6 and 4 years old at the time of the workshop, so they were heavily supervised and helped by their mum throughout the hour we had on Zoom together. Older kids would be able to design more themselves and probably cut out more sophisticated shapes, but I loved how enthusiastic these little ones were to make their own crowns. We had great chats, thinking about when they might wear them. Laurie (4) had a great time cutting different shapes out of the vinyl, especially triangles, which he was very excited about, and choosing his favourite colours out of the vinyl I’d provided.

 Iron on vinyl

Daisy (6) chose to cut out the letters of her name, and it looks so so great! I provided a box of multicoloured iron on vinyl, some big bits, some scraps, and some precut shapes like circles, squiggles, stars and hearts. 

Crown workshop

I was a bit worried that it wouldn’t take a whole hour, but we actually spent more than an hour just chatting, cutting and designing, sharing ideas, and then playing games while their mum, Karen, was ironing everything into place! So I needn’t have worried, and I feel really confident that the crown workshops will be brilliant fun. 

My crown has ‘BIRTHDAY’ written on it, surrounded by explosive, colourful bits of vinyl, lightning bolts, and stars and all sorts of colourful magic. It’ll be our family birthday crown, and whoever has a birthday will wear it that day, and I’m hoping we’ll use it for years and years to come, and make a new family tradition. If you’d like to book a crown workshop, just send me an email or get in touch using the contacts page on my website. Check the workshops page for the latest dates or any workshops that might be happening soon!

Birthday crown

Here they are, both wearing their new crowns!
Crown workshop
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