Dinosaur cake template and how to

Easy Dinosaur Cake Template

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Here’s my easy cake template for a super simple, but super cool dinosaur birthday cake!

 Easy dinosaur birthday cake

All you need to do is make your cake of choice in a big, round cake tin. Print out the template so it matches the size of your cake as best you can, and cut out the shapes. Them use them as a template, placing them on top of your cake, and cut the shapes out with a sharp knife, holding it vertically. I also turned my cake over so that the top was really flat.

Dinosaur cake template

Stick the head to the body, using buttercream or icing.

Dinosaur cake

I covered my cake in a crumb coat, which is just a thin layer of buttercream icing, which is supposed to cover up all the lumps and bumps, and leave you with a smooth canvas to cover in your final layer of icing. 

Crumb coat on dinosaur cake

I covered mine with green icing, just made with water, food colouring and icing sugar, as my family isn’t keen on buttercream icing. Then I used a homemade piping bag (made from grease proof paper), to pipe on the detail in black and white icing. If you have a proper piping bag,  ale sure you use a nozzle with a really, really small hole to pipe the detail on. 

Here’s a pic of the detail, that I used to guide me as I decorated my cake.

Dinosaur cake template

Dinosaur birthday cake

Et, voila! 

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