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How to order a customised pouch

Seeing as some of my most loyal customers come back time and time again for customised pouches, I’m going to just write a very brief and simple blog post about how the rest of you can do it too! 

It’s really quite easy, but I guess can seem a bit daunting when you’ve never done it before, and especially if you don’t have a clear idea of what you’d like, or even what’s on offer. To help, I’ve put together some helpful (well, hopefully helpful) visuals.


Say you had 3 birthday parties coming up. Here are the people who you have to get presents for -

1) Amy. Amy is going to be 3 and loves all things glitter, rainbow, and dinosaurs.

2) Felix. Felix is turning 5 and loves Pokemon. 

3) James. James is turning 40, and is a writer and a dad.

I know, I know, there are a few cheesy cliches in there, but stay with me and you’ll get the idea.

So, before we talk about each of them, let’s just go through the basic steps of ordering a customised pouch. 
The first thing you need to do is decide on a pouch colour. This is the easy bit. You can have natural, black, navy or pale grey.

Then, you decide on the text and what colour you’d like it in. But wait, I hear you asking, what colours can I choose from? Well, let me tell you, there are lots, and I have made another little visual for that too! (these visuals are also in the images on the product in the shop so you don’t need to keep switching between blog and product listing, thank goodness!).

Once you’ve chosen you text and text colour, it’s time to think about what else you want on there. You could have one big image, maybe with the text inside it, or the text big, front and centre, with stars or flecks of confetti around the edge. The possibilities are pretty endless, from basic shapes like stars and polka dots, to slightly more outlandish things, like hoovers, rabbits, unicorns, dinosaurs (I have many different dinosaur templates already!), Christmas baubles...well, you get the idea. 

Now, let’s get back to those lucky party people.

So, Amy is turning 3, and loves glitter, rainbows and dinosaurs. Sounds like a sensible 3 year old to me. First thing’s first, colour of pouch. Let’s go for navy, it’ll show up dirt less than the natural one, and shows up glitter really well. You could make her a pouch to keep some toy dinosaurs in, or some small books, or just about anything she can cram in there! How about you put “Amy’s Things” on it, and let’s go for a glitter colour, seeing as she loves glitter. Gold? Great choice. So, in the custom text box you’d write,

‘Navy pouch, “Amy’s things“ in gold glitter’

Simple eh?

Now, how about we put some dinosaurs on there, around her name, but in different colours? Bright, rainbow-ish colours. So you could put,

“small dinosaurs around the text, in bright, rainbow colours”

And Amy’s sorted.

Now, Felix. He’s turning 5 and loves Pokemon. Maybe you decide on a natural pouch for him? And you want to just put his name on this one, so you could write

“Natural pouch, FELIX in blue”.

You could do some digging and find out what his favourite Pokemon is from his mum or dad...although Pikachu is a good bet if you can’t find out! But let’s say you find out his favourite is Charizard (google it, it’s a good one), and you’d like to have Charizard on there, like, a BIG one, and you want “FELIX” to be small, maybe at the bottom or the top of the pouch? You’re getting the idea right?

”Natural pouch, FELIX in blue, at the top of the pouch. Big orange Charizard in the middle”

Now, onto James. This one is a bit different, but we can do this! It can be simpler to design for adults sometimes. He’s a writer, so maybe he needs a pouch to keep a notebook and pen in? Or, maybe he could do with a pouch for his backpack or the changing bag when he’s looking after the kids? Anyhow, let’s go for a grey pouch, always classy, and not too showy, you know? His initials are JT, so how about we go for just that. His initials in a nice, low-key colour, how about that nice Auburn in the colour chart? So the custom text box would say something like this -

“Grey pouch, “JT” in auburn, big initials in the middle of the pouch”

Et voila! So, that’s how it works. 

I hope that explains things and makes things nice and simple. Also if you have absolutely NO idea what to put on a pouch, but you still have that list of people’s birthdays, that’s totally fine too. Just order a pouch, and put something like “I have no idea what to put on this, please email me to help!” And I will gladly email and help. I’m full of ideas! Here’s the link to the custom pouch listing, where you can do all of these magical, wonderful things. Plus they’re £10 at the mo instead of £14! 

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