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Minecraft Party for my 7 year old son

Yes, I know the title is really what it says on the tin….but hey, let’s not beat about the bush.

My 7 year old (and my 5 year old come to that) is obsessed with Minecraft at the moment, and there are a few kids in his class that play with him online too…so he asked for a Minecraft party and invited 7 of his friends from his school class.

Here are some of the activities and other things we did at his party. It was brilliant fun, if a bit chaotic at times, so I hope this is helpful for other parents of Minecraft-obsessed children out there!

Matching T-Shirts

minecraft party tshirt

I made all 9 kids (7 guests plus my 2 boys) matching creeper T-shirt’s using my heat transfer vinyl and plain, green T-shirts. They each had a creeper face on the front, an elder dragon on the back, plus their name in Minecraft font (I just found an alphabet online by Googling it). I made sure the T-shirts were going to be big enough for all of them, and a few of them looked a bit like they were wearing dresses, but they will last for a long time. 

minecraft party tshirt

So, when they arrived, they were given their T-shirts, and then they were given a message in code. I found a great minecraft code on Pinterest, and made my own messages for them to decipher throughout the party. The first one said ‘FIND THE BLOCKS’. 

Activity number 1 - TREASURE HUNT

minecraft party code breaking

Another Pinterest find, is this amazing treasure hunt which I printed out and then I hid all the blocks around our garden for the kids to find and stick on the board. Once they had found them all, they got message number 2.

Activity number 2 - THE GRASS IS LAVA

That was the message they had to decode, and the idea was that they had earned some real ‘building blocks’ (cardboard boxes). But there was a hitch. They were on the other side of the garden, and the grass had now turned to lava. They were given a ‘block’ each, (a foam square), plus one extra, and were told to use them to get from one end of the garden to the other, to retrieve the building materials.

minecraft party the grass is lava game

They had soooo much fun with this game! They had to all stand on their mat, and pass the extra one to the front of the line, then all hop along one, and then pass the now extra mat forwards and so on and so on. 

Activity number 3 - CRAFT A FARM

minecraft party build a farm

Now they had their cardboard boxes, they were told to split into 2 groups. One group had to make a farm house for them to live in, and the other group had to make somewhere for the animals to live. This was basically an excuse for them to build stuff out of boxes, use a load of coloured masking tape and be creative. They had loads of fun, and I managed to dig out some old paint sticks for them to use to decorate their creations with. 

minecraft party building

They actually spent the longest time on this activity, and kept coming back to it in little breaks between games and after dinner, to decorate the boxes!

minecraft party building

I mean, the paint sticks were totally used up, broken and put in the bin at the end of the party, but they had sooooo much fun with them, I don't really mind. I did bring out a big bowl of warm water, some hand soap and a towel for the kids to wash their hands with as the paint sticks were a bit messy!

Activity number 4 - FEED AN OCELOT

A slight twist on pin the tail on the donkey, this is pin the fish on the ocelot to ‘feed’ it. The kids were blindfolded, spun around a bit, and then let loose, to feed their ocelot! There were so many giggles, and several of them came back for another go!

minecraft party feed the ocelot

minecraft party feed the ocelot

As the ocelot had just been fed, it was also time for all the kids to be fed too, and that’s when we brought out dinner. Pizza, veggies and weirdly, toast and jam. Happy kids!

When they’d filled their tums, they had a bit of a run around, and then the final bit of fun arrived!

Activity number 5 - DEFEND THEIR FARM

minecraft tnt pinata

Now for the finale - a TNT piñata! The idea was that they had to ‘break it’ before it exploded. They had so much fun, I cannot tell you. It was also a little bit frightening at the same time though, they may be little but man they hit that thing hard!! 

minecraft party tnt pinata

We made this one ourselves. Here's some rough instructions;

Make a cube out of white card, securing it with celotape, and then wrap string all the way round, leaving a loop at the top to hang it from the tree or wherever you've got planned. Then cut up red tissue paper into strips with slits 3/4 of the way up to make them all tassel-y.

tnt minecraft pinata

Stick them all the way around, starting at the bottom, leaving a gap in the middle for the TNT banner (made from white tissue paper and black paper). Also, don't forget to fill it with sweets BEFORE you tape it up completely 😂😂😂 Then cover the top and bottom with plain red tissue paper, and away you go!

 minecraft party tnt pinata


Once that was completely demolished, the kids grabbed their sweets, and just played in the garden, carrying on with their cardboard farms and just having fun together.



Guys, if you need an extra activity, here's one for you. I made some 'diamond sword' chocolates by printing out some diamond sword hilts onto card, and sticking them to some Curly Wurly chocolate bars (I was hoping to find some lurid blue sweet sticks of rock or something but didn't get looking in time so had to go with good old Curly Wurlies!). 

minecraft party diamond swords

I got fed up with the endless wrapping and prepping that goes into pass the parcel a few years ago, and decided that instead we'd just pass something else round the circle, and when the music stopped, whoever was holding that thing got a treat! So much easier and faster! So we pass a plastic orange around the circle, and played pass the orange 😂

minecraft party pass the parcel

minecraft party pass the parcel

minecraft party diamond sword



And how could I forget the cake!! I knew I wanted to make this one, but I needed to keep it simple. Again, Pinterest to the rescue!! I decided on a square creeper face cake, so borrowed a giant square cake tin from a friend, bought some cake mixes from the shop (yes, I know this is cheating, but I was busy that week, and I just wanted life to be as easy as possible!), and some green and black ready-to-roll icing. Note - I didn't buy enough green, I should have got 2 packs but only got 1, which is why the edges of my cake are black rather than green, but hey, no one seemed to mind. I had a bit of icing left over so made some creepers and an ender man to sit on the cake too, just for fun. I know it's wibbly and definitely not perfect, but it looks like a creeper, and it turns out 7 year old boys don't really mind anything else!

minecraft creeper cake

minecraft party creeper cake

Extra note - I do not recommend black icing - and if you're going to use it, make sure you keep that cake somewhere cool, or eat it all in one go. Once that stuff starts melting it goes EVERYWHERE.

I think everyone had a good time, and I hope this is helpful with your own Minecraft party planning! 😘


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