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My Eco Promise

Ok, I've been thinking about writing this blog for months now. I wanted to get it just right, to remember everything, but I just had to do it in the end. It's not perfect, or pretty, but it's true, and I think it's so important to tell you, my customers, and my Grizzli Bear family, as much as I can about how I'm trying to reduce the waste I produce.

As concerns about the state of the planet, growing piles of plastic and plastic-free alternatives are hitting up my Instagram feed (I don't know about yours, but I now know that most of my laundry detergent is just water!), I just had to tell you how I am dedicated to making my business, and my personal life, as plastic-free as possible, and as eco-friendly as I can.

 organic cotton and compostable cello bags

Changes I have made to the business;

  • I now use paper envelopes, and recycled plastic mailers to send your orders out in, with eco-friendly parcel tape which is biodegradable and recyclable. I also reuse packaging as much as I can, which is why sometimes your order comes to you in a reused envelope or Amazon packaging
  • 90% of the pouches and products I sell are organic cotton. The exception is the grey pouches, which are non-organic, and I want to be super-transparent about that. As soon as I can get hold of an organic version I will make the switch. As for the crowns, banners, and fabric wraps, they are all made from organic cotton where possible
  • The cards I sell are packed in compostable cello bags
  • The plastic waste that I used to throw away from using heat transfer vinyl is now being saved to make into eco-bricks (Google it, they're amazing), which are being used to build all sorts of amazing structures and furniture. They are a great way to make sure single-use plastic is kept safe from doing harm to the environment and wildlife



Changes I've made in my home;

  • refillable laundry detergent from a local dispenser
  • refillable hand wash, same as above
  • soap bars in the bathroom
  • bamboo toothbrushes
  • buying second hand/from charity shops. I love buying second hand, and this is something that N4Mummy has taught me lots about too. I love a good old rummage around a charity shop too - can't wait for them to be open again!
  • conscientious recycling - everything that can be recycled is recycled!
  • compost bin in the garden - all our uncooked food waste goes in the compost
  • I am watching N4Mummy with bated breath as she is teaching people the best way to use shampoo and conditioner bars. I have tried them in the past but really hated them. Hoping to try them again and get rid of more plastic from our bathroom!
  • Reusable, washable period pads - I LOVE these and cannot recommend them enough. I have some from Cheeky Wipes, some from Jup Upcycle (who you should go and follow immediately if you are eco-conscious too), and some from Baba+Boo. My bathroom bin has NEVER been so empty and I LOVE IT.
  • I obviously use my cotton pouches whenever I can, instead of plastic ones
  • Bags for life! Any plastic bags from the odd supermarket delivery or takeaway get kept and reused, then taken to a big supermarket for recycling. Or they'll go into my eco bricks!
  • Washable face wipes from Little N and the Lion who is taking a break at the moment so I've put the link in for her Instagram
  • Growing our own veg. We are a London family so don't have a massive plot to grow all our food in, but we will be growing more this year than ever before. We plan to grow kalettes, runner beans, garden peas, carrots and potatoes. I also try to buy fruit and veg that isn't packed in plastic, but any plastic I do buy that isn't recyclable is going to go into my first eco-brick
  • Washable water bottles and travel coffee mugs. My favourite travel coffee mugs are from Frank Green, they look great and they DON'T LEAK!
  • Buying clothing from eco-conscious brands. Gone are my Primark days, and you know what, I care so much more about the clothes in my wardrobe now. I don't mean I care more about what I look like, I mean I care FOR them more. I make sure they're put away properly and washed properly. When you pay a bit more for something (which, let's face it, eco-friendly and fair trade clothes are more expensive) you treasure it more, look after it more, and I think you choose to wear it more too. I have definitely bought less new stuff over the last 2 years, and now I buy things to last, that I will love to wear in 5, 10 years. Some of my favourite places to buy from are Thought Clothing, People Tree, Lucy & Yak, Turtledove London (who also have bazillions of amazing kids clothes), Lowie and Shoe the Bear. (Also in writing this email (and blog), I've just discovered Clary and Peg too!)

My plan is to continue making as many small changes (and big ones) as I can to both my personal life and to Grizzli Bear, to make my carbon footprint on the world as small as possible.

 grizzli bear eco promise


So, when you buy from Grizzli Bear, please know I am doing all I can to reduce, reuse and recycle. It's not about one person making a big change, but about all of us making small changes - that is what's going to change the world.


What ways are you making your family more eco this year? I have linked all the brands that I love in the text above, please go check them out (I promise I'm not being paid, I just love them all!). 

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