New Workshop Launch & a Banner Workshop Zoom Party!

New Workshop Launch & a Banner Workshop Zoom Party!

Guys, I’m so excited I feel like running around the park like Phoebe from Friends! This week, in fact, on the 1st Feb 2021, I launched workshops on the website! 

I’ve had this in my mind for a while, and ran a couple of workshops in real life a couple of years know, before covid hit us and we could actually meet in person and stand closer than 2 metres apart, actually touch and hug each other if we wanted? Ye, well, back in those days, I ran some workshops and loved it. I’ve been teaching kids in different ways for about a decade, so know how to plan lessons and keep the kids engaged. I just really enjoy it. The kids seem to have fun too, which is nice! 

Before Christmas, a school mum and I were chatting (at a safe distance) after she ordered a couple of pouches, and she was really interested in the idea of doing a Zoom craft party for her daughter’s birthday in Jan. She asked if I would be up for running it and I totally jumped at it. Yes yes and yes again please! 

I went away and thought about some ideas for a fun craft that 9 year olds would be interested in and find super fun. Tote bags tend to be too big for kids, as do gym bags, and it’s not like we’re all rushing off on holidays to exciting places at the moment is it? I finally came up with the idea of decorating a banner with iron on vinyl. Vinyl is the main material I use on my pouches, so it was pretty essential that any workshop I ran involved that as I have lots of it already and feel like I know how it behaves! 

 Banner workshop

The birthday girl loves dragons, so of course I agreed to pre-cut some cool dragon shapes out of the vinyl for her to use. Once we had a number of friends who were attending, I started making plans. 

One of the best things about these kinda craft parties, is that you can really customise them to the party theme, or birthday boy/girl's favourite toy or animal (or fictitious being!). I told Nushi that she could decide on something for each friend, a design for me to cut out and include in their packs, and even choose what colour it would be too. So, 3 of the girls got dragons, in varying colours, and 3 got unicorns. 

 Dragon banner

Each girl received a special bag absolutely full of goodies. I was also going to teach them how to make pompoms, so each bag had a pompom maker, and 5 different colours of wool. 

 Banner kit

Bring on the day itself, and we were off to a flying start. Each girl joined the zoom meeting and we started with a good old fashioned memory game, a la the Generation Game conveyor belt bit, you know with the cuddly toy and wibbly man?? Then we cracked on with the pompoms, which was HILARIOUS. We had varying degrees of success, some pompoms came apart completely, some were wrapped up in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways, and others looked amazing. 

 Craft kit

Then on to the main attraction, the banner! The girls loved this bit, and were all happy to get on with designing their own, either using the precut pieces or chopping shapes and letters with scissors. I made one at the same time, of course, and I absolutely love it. It says BE COLOURFUL, and is surrounded by an explosion of colour and shapes. The girls had a lot of fun, one saying afterwards, "that was the best party ever!", and I think the banners and pom poms look great!



They have lots of leftover vinyl left, so can use the rest to decorate tshirts, pencil cases, plain facemasks, etc. and lots of wool too. So they basically have craft sorted for the rest of lockdown! I loved running this workshop and can't wait to do more! Bring it on.

 Banner craft kit

You can find out about the workshops here, or just send me an email or contact me via the contact page to chat about it. 

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