Perfect present for a new big sister/brother!

Perfect present for a new big sister/brother!

I recently launched some bumbags on Grizzli Bear, and couldn't be prouder of them! I don't know what your thoughts are on them, but bumbags seem to be back in fashion this year and they are so useful I couldn't help myself. 

I needed a present for my friend's little girl (she's 3) who will very, very soon be a big sister. I have two kids, and know that the struggle between feeding and jiggling a crying baby and entertaining an older sibling who isn't in school yet is REAL! Shove sleep-deprivation into the mix and it feels like world war 3 has started in your living room. 

(Here's a cute picture of my oldest boy meeting his new baby brother - it doesn't all feel like WW3!)

So, here's my answer for them. Well, not an answer so much as a little solution that should help. I've personalised this navy bumbag with the little girl's name, Sophie, and filled it with crafty goodies that will keep her entertained and hopefully sitting still long enough for baby to get a good feed and mum to have a bit of a rest. 

If you're having a second child or know someone who is, this would be a great gift for the older sibling. Most of the presents for a new baby are for, well, the new baby, or mum and dad. To be honest, if I bought a soft toy for the new baby, I'd buy another one exactly the same for the older sibling too. Anything the baby gets they'll want for themselves so it's easier just to get them their own, right?? 

Anyway, here's what I put inside the bumbag. 

Stickers X 3

UV pen (writes in invisible UV ink and then has a light in the top that shows it up)

Mini paint set

Pink highlighter

Washi tape X 2

Pencil with unicorn rubber (and yes that is a feather tail!)

If you want to order a personalised bumbag (with free shipping), you can go straight to the bumbag on my site by clicking this bumbag-alicious link, or send me a message and we can work together to get your perfect bumbag sorted!

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