Talking about feelings with your kids

Talking about feelings with your kids

Right now, we're in another lockdown. It's the beginning of February while I'm writing this, and we've been in full lockdown in the UK since before Christmas. We've in our 5th week of homeschool, and the 11th month of working from home. I can't figure out whether I'm getting used to it, or getting so worn down by it that I might explode at any moment... anyone the same as me??

 Lockdown homeschool

Anyway. I've been listening to a lot of podcasts, somehow, between shouting spellings across the room to my 6 year old, washing up the never-ending plates and forks that get used nowadays, and making animal habitats with my 4 year old. Most of the podcasts have been parenting ones, and my favourite is called Raising Boys and Girls. I won't go into a lot of detail here, as I know time is short and you've probably already been called twice by this point right?

So, the main point is, they talk a lot about feelings, and how important it is to speak about emotions with your kids. To help them to label how they're feeling, as the first step to them learning how to deal with their emotions, and what to do when they feel a certain way. I mean, it's been helping me and my immature, undeveloped emotional state too!! 

 Sad boy

So, we now have a set of my Feelings flashcards printed out and on the dinner table at all times. We go through them every dinner time, and talk about our day and how we felt at different times. Sometimes we go through each card one by one and ask if anyone felt that feeling at any point in the day, and why. I really hope that the boys learn that talking about how they feel is a good thing to do, and to explore how they feel more. Apparently, anger is a secondary emotion, basically meaning that it's an outworking of a DIFFERENT feeling. But the reason it comes out as anger is sometimes that it's too hard to identify and admit to the initial feeling, like jealousy, or shame. 


Please do go check out the Feeling Pack, and I really hope they'll be helpful to you during lockdown and beyond. And hey, take 20% off just because we all need a bit of extra help right now. Use the code LOCKDOWNFEELINGS when you checkout. You're welcome!

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