Teddy & Me 23.7.21

Teddy & Me 23.7.21

Tonight you fell asleep
With your arm wrapped around me,
Nose to nose,

Then Cheek to cheek.

A cuddly blue dinosaur gradually being relinquished
As you drift off, 
Your grip loosening, your arm relaxing.
I rescue it before it falls,
And you stir and sleepily your eyes open

And look around.

With dino tucked under your elbow
Safe and sound,

You shift, now your face turned up to the sky.

My nose rests against your cheek,
And I nestle closer into your neck
Breathing in the smell 
That only belongs to you.
Musty, sweet, sweat, but also
So, so, just, you.

Sweet, and just, you.

I breathe in deep and you twitch
As you drift off,

Chubby fingers grabbing at the air.

I smile into your neck
Enjoying such precious time,
Being so close.
You're growing up too fast,
And I feel it so very deeply.
I treasure these moments,

They don't last forever.

Your breathing slows and deepens,
And I stifle a giggle as you start to snore.

You've always snored. 

I peel your arm from around my neck,
and move slowly,
Slowly to the door,
Stealing a last look
And a last photo of your sleeping sweet face.
Relaxed, content,
Uncomplicated by worries of the world,
And calm. 
Teddy sleeping
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