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What Are The Pouches For?? Part 2

Ok, so last time I talked about using my pouches for nappies. If you don’t have babies then that’s not much use to you! So here are some other ways you can use my zip pouches. 

1) Notebook & pens. They comfortably fit an A5 notebook inside - I can fit 2 notebooks and my kindle in mine, along with a few pens and a pencil. 

2) pencil case (if you have as many pens and pencils as I do!) 

3) crafty bits and bobs. If you love sewing, knitting, painting, crochet, embroidery, lettering, calligraphy, whittling, or something else inexplicably crafty that I can’t think of right now, then a zip pouch is the perfect way to keep everything together, especially if you take your craft out and about. Knitting needles may not fit unless they’re circular or short ones, but the pouches fit crochet hooks in perfectly with your ball of wool, and if you have a paper pattern with you it’ll fit in nicely folded up so you can keep it all in one place. I find them good for keeping my linocutting tools in too, along with a roller and a couple of small pots of paint or ink. 

4) travel documents. Passport? Check. Tickets? Check. Boarding pass? Check. Emergency chocolate bar? Check!

5) techie stuff. I go through so many pairs of earphones it’s rather embarrassing. But when my charging cables started to fail too, I knew I needed a cable pouch. Wires used to tangle up with pens, kid’s snacks, tampons and who knows what else in the bottom of my bag. Not any more! My new Bluetooth headphones fit in, as well as my charging cable, plug, and my power bank. Also very helpful when you’re on holiday or away for a weekend or a night with work to have somewhere for your charger to live, along with your razor and toothbrush! 

6) even techier stuff! If you're a DIY person (unlike me!) then they're perfect for spanners and screwdrivers and stuff if you need to take a few around with you but don't want a whole toolbox. 

I hope that’s given you some ideas for how to use a Grizzli Bear pouch. I’m sure they are lots that I haven’t included here, so watch out for another post coming up soon for even more. 

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