What Are The Pouches For?? Part 1

What Are The Pouches For?? Part 1

The question I get asked the most when I talk about Grizzli Bear, pouches and my business, is “what do you use them for?” 

I thought I’d address this in a blog post, as people ask me a lot. The answer is, quite simply, whatever you want or need them for! 

The whole concept started as a nappy pouch. I was that mum in the slightly dirty disabled toilet in a cafe, with a baby covered in either poo or sick, or on the odd (and horrific) occasion, both, and yes you guessed it, with no wipes!! That happened too much, and as I also suffered with postnatal depression, I needed a way to cope!

It’s hard enough when you’re not depressed, but dealing with a baby and all the stuff they seem to need is just exhausting. I didn’t need to have to remember where I’d put the nappies, if I had a spare vest in the bag, where the clean muslin was, and where the hell I’d put the rice cakes. There just wasn’t room in my head, and seriously, I don’t think baby-brain ever really goes away (I’m nearly 4 years in and no sign of it going soon!). 

Once I had a zip pouch with nappies, wipes, nappy bags and nappy cream in it, I was sorted. I made the pouches for myself out of my favourite fabrics, and they made me a teeny bit less despairing and depressed when I grabbed one out of my changing bag. 

So that’s where Grizzli Bear started, and nappies is just one of the things you can use my zip pouches for! I’ll be putting up more posts showing lots of different things you can put in them, so keep an eye out!

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