Grizzli Bear is all about making life easier for those with wee ones. Well, that's where it started anyway...

My name is Jenny. I create zip pouches for other parents (and non-parents) to help them to sort their stuff out. I have a wonderful husband, Rob, and 2 boys, Archie (born 2014) and Teddy (born 2016), and we live in a teeny 2 bedroom flat in a North London village.

After Teddy was born (my second child - I had 2 under 2), I suffered with post natal depression for well over 2 years. One of the things that made a difference to me, in-amongst therapy, family support, additional childcare, and medication, were zip pouches. Woah there, zip pouches??

They gave me some sense of order and control back. I no longer accidentally found myself without a nappy, or wipes, in an emergency poo-splosion moment. I had my nappy-changing pouch to hand, with everything ready to go.

I had separate pouches with spare clothes for each boy in, nappies, wipes, a changing mat, snacks, toys, the list could go on. In fact, if you can think of it, I had probably organised it into a homemade zip pouch, and into my bag.

All that random stuff at the bottom of your changing bag? The random half eaten oaty bar that's now stuck to your keys, or the apple slowly going mouldy that's been hidden in a dirty vest for a few weeks? Ye, say goodbye to all that. I used to look at my changing bag with dread, wondering if I had everything I needed for the day, and I just couldn't face going through it and discovering just how messy and dirty it was, and just how ill-prepared I was. Cue mum-guilt moment.

So, if you are a panic-bag-rummager, or know someone who is (or who is about to become one), then have a look through the pouches in the catalog and take back control of all the stuff that you had never imagined you'd need for such a small, tiny, mini-human.