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Welcome to the home of Crafty Bears!

This Easter, I’ll be running some live craft/activity sessions which will go out live on Instagram and Facebook (technology permitting), every weekday morning. 

UPDATED - All the craft-a-longs have now been and gone! I've uploaded all the videos below, so please enjoy them and share your creations with me!

craft a long with grizzli bear live

The sessions will be approximately 15 minutes long, and will be easy to follow along with. They will be aimed at preschool-aged and primary-aged kids, but older and younger kids will enjoy the activities too, I reckon.


Heres the timetable for the week:

Monday 12th April - Penny Spinners

Here’s what you’ll need 

- a penny for each spinner you will make

- some thin cardboard, cereal boxes are perfect 

- pens, stickers, paint, whatever your preferred crafty decoration technique is

- a craft knife and/or scissors

- kids’ bowl/large cup to draw around

We did it! Thanks so much for joining me live, and I hope lots of you will tune in later on to watch and make-a-long with your kids too. Sadly the Instagram feed cut out halfway through, but the full video is here ⬇


Tuesday 13th April - Straw Flyers

You will need;

- some straws 

- plain paper/coloured paper

- scissors

- pens and pencils to decorate your Flyers

- sticky tape/washi tape



Wednesday 14th April - Toilet Roll Monsters

You will need;

- empty toilet rolls

- pipe cleaners

- googly eyes/eye stickers

- glue stick/pva glue

- marker pens 

- coloured paper/plain paper

- scissors



Thursday 15th April - 3D Dinosaurs

Here’s what you need;

- thick cardboard (like a brown cardboard box)

- strong scissors/craft knife

- paint, pens, glue and scraps of paper/old magazines

- dinosaur template (download here)


Friday 16th April - Handprint Butterflies

For this we will need;

- plain paper/coloured paper 

- scissors

- lolly stick/small stick from the garden/strip of thick cardboard 

- stickers, paint, pens etc.

- glue

- pipe cleaners & pom-poms (optional)



I hope you’re as excited as I am, and that loads of you can join me! Obviously all activities will need to be supervised by a grownup, and I cannot be held responsible for any harm caused by these activities in your own homes etc.