Summer Craft Camp

Welcome to the home of the Summer Craft Camp!


We will be meeting in real life, in a gorgeous pub called the Maynard Arms which is in the heart of Crouch End, north London. For 3 days, between 1.30pm-3pm, we will be crafting our little hearts away!

To book, head on over to Happity, or just send me a message or an email and I will point you in the right direction. 

There will be a new activity each day, and different activities for different ages and abilities. 

You can book just one day, or two, or go the whole hog and come for all 3! The sessions each day will be suitable for kids aged 4+, and you are welcome to stay and craft with them, or leave them in my (and my helper’s) capable hands. 

Some crafts may need time to dry, or be assembled after the session has finished (for example if we were making bunting, I may be taking home all the bunting to sew it together). In these cases, if you are local, your craft projects will be dropped round to your home. If you aren’t local, then a small fee will be charged so I can post them to you.