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Here are the workshops that are available at the moment. As I work on getting the website set up, please get in touch if you would like to book a virtual workshop. Click on each image to go to a page with more information on each workshop.


Banner workshop

DIY wall banner with iron on vinyl

Design your own banner for your wall, or make one as a present! In your pack, you will get a plain wall banner/pennant, made from cotton, as well as a plethora of colourful scraps and sheets of iron on vinyl for you to use. You can use scissors to ‘draw’, a la Matisse, or draw your design directly onto the vinyl before you cut. There will also be plenty of pre-cut random shapes in your pack too, stars, dots, hearts, squiggles etc, for you to use as you wish! The workshop will take you through how to design, cut and apply your vinyl, using an iron.



Crown workshop

DIY Crown Workshop

Decorate your own crown, made from 100% cotton with ties so it fits any head, big or small, old or young. You will get a pack including the blank crown, as well as a massive selection of iron on vinyl, precut shapes as well as scraps and off-cuts.

This is a perfect craft for a birthday party, or if you want to make birthdays a bit more special. Once you’ve made your crown just how you like it, you can wear it every birthday! Or if you just need cheering up on an ordinary day, pop it in the dressing-up box so it’s accessible for anyone to wear.


Fabric wrap workshop

DIY Fabric Wrapping Kit

With this kit, you will get everything you need to decorate your own fabric wrap that you can use for years to come. Make memories decorating this 100% cotton fabric wrap together, perfect for this Mother’s Day. Then wrap your gifts in it every year from now on, and always have wonderful memories to look back on. 

In the craft pack, you will receive a 100%cotton fabric wrap, a set of bright coloured fabric pens, teabags, and a bar of chocolate. Everyone needs a cuppa and a sweet treat when they’re crafting, right?! 



You can also buy a kit for each craft, to make yourself at home. You will receive in each pack everything you need to create your crown, banner or fabric wrap (excluding irons and scissors - you need to provide these!).

Check out the CRAFT KIT collection in the store, and get homecrafting now!