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Yellow Dinosaur Balloon Ball
Yellow Dinosaur Balloon Ball

Yellow Dinosaur Balloon Ball

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This balloon ball is a brilliant present for any age kid. They’re made from 100% cotton and are totally safe for babies to play with, grab hold of and chew. They are machine washable, so all spit and snot and other things (!?) can be washed out really easily. Older kids love them too, kicking them around, playing catch, and they’re brilliant for beach volley ball, or playing football in the park. 


I don’t know about you but I am fed up with carrying a giant football around in a bag to the park whenever we go out. So I made this! 

Kids totally love it. I have taken these balls out with me all over the place, always ready to grab it and show the kids around me, and it has been an absolute hit with all of them. Just pop a balloon into the opening and inflate it inside the ball. Twist the neck of the balloon and tuck it in under the flap, and you’re ready to go and play!

When you’re ready to go, just untwist the balloon, let the air out, and fold up the balloon ball. No more big bags under your arm. You can also just pop it in the washing machine when you get home (make sure you get the balloon out first though), and it’ll be clean and ready to go next time, even if it’s gone through puddles and into hedges. 

If the balloon pops, it’ll be safely contained inside the ball, and all you need to do is grab another one and you’re away! 

2 white, biodegradable balloons included.